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Head of School

Joy with purpose: productive struggle for deeper learning.

I recently had the privilege to observe a 2nd grade math lesson on sorting. The students engaged their teachers’ initial questions tentatively and moved on to smaller groups, slowly making sense of the challenge in front of them. As the teachers guided the learning, from focused struggle to growing comprehension, the 2nd graders began to use and eventually model their data. Throughout the lesson, the children complemented their seriousness of purpose with big smiles of engagement. This is what we mean by ‘joy with purpose’ at Town: the opportunity to struggle with a challenge, to take risks and learn from the outcomes, to have confidence in your abilities as a learner and collaborator, and to feel the deep satisfaction of working through a difficult problem. This is the best path to profound, lifelong learning, and this is something Town is uniquely positioned to instill in your child. 

What's magical about our school is that joyful learning happens across classrooms, disciplines, and grade levels, all the time -- and even as we have adapted our model to provide safe, engaging in-person learning through a pandemic. I am so proud to lead this school and to be a teacher and parent in this community. Our school motto is not a charge but a lived experience. Our teaching is informed and supported by over 100 years of experience educating children; our commitment to an equitable and inclusive school community; and accomplished, dedicated faculty, who are lifelong learners themselves, drawing from the best research and practice. We believe that this is the environment in which children learn best. This approach is what distinguishes us, and our students.

And this is why I am here, as Town’s Head of School. After eight years as an attorney and over two decades teaching in and leading independent schools, I marvel at Town’s intelligent, committed, collaborative efforts that place our students at the center of their learning. Whether in the science lab, on the stage, at a robotics tournament, on the basketball court, or when engaging with our local community, Town students are confident and accomplished risk-takers, leaders, problem-solvers, scholars, and citizens. Town alumni/ae thrive in high school and beyond.

Our website captures the highlights of a Town education, yet to experience our approach to teaching and learning, along with its impact, you need to meet the outstanding people who make our school such a special place. I encourage you to engage with our online Admissions experience this year, which will offer opportunities to hear directly from our students, faculty, and parents, and to envision how your own child will excel here.

We all look forward to welcoming you!

Warm regards,

Dr. Douglas Brophy

Head of School
Parent, Class of 2025

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